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In our Pruszków establishment we have at our disposal storage spaces of 4000 sqm in total, on a site which is monitored 24/7 and guarded by a security company. There are two 2.5 tonne fork-lift trucks and two pallet jacks in service to handle your goods. The warehouse is equipped with loading docks, which allow offloading in all weather conditions. The warehouse is heated in winter, and the temperature can be varied in separate warehouse sections, according to the needs of individual merchandise groups. We are not restricted as to the type of goods that we can store in our warehouse, so we can accept any type of merchandise. One of our warehouses is adapted to fit a cold store.

The standard working time of our warehouse is from 8 am to 8 pm, but we are flexible as far as the working hours are concern in order to meet the expectations of our Clients.